• outsidebuilding1
    PTechUSA located in Delavan Wisconsin, selling OEM Electrical components all over the world.
  • actuators2
    PTechUSA sells a complete line of AC and DC Actuators.
  • motors3
    PTechUSA sells high performance electrical motors.
  • blowers4
    PTechUSA has electrical Blowers, many uses!
  • capacitors5
    PTechUSA has a huge line of capacitors, name brand and under the PTechUSA brand as well.
  • engineering6
    PTechUSA offer electro-mechanical engineering services.
  • logistics7
    PTechUSA has great shipping and logisitics services.
  • testing8
    PTechUSA offers Testing for your electro-mechanical components.
  • china9
    PTechUSA has a factory located in China.




For over 20 years, PTech USA has been a trusted resource in delivering cost-effective, high-quality and performance-proven products to OEM’s and major distributors worldwide.
PTech USA’s  compliment of electrical/mechanical engineering expertise and custom design capabilities creates a seamless purchasing experience for the exacting needs of many Fortune 500 clients. Our goal is to custom design and manufacture reliable, high performing products, that fit your application, at an economical price.

Our capabilities and product offerings include:
• Our line of Linear Actuators and Vibrators are engineered to demanding requirements, including high loads, specific speeds and quiet operation.
• Our Fractional HP Motors are key components of A/C units, heaters, pumps and gear motors.
• PTech’s Blowers, paired with our Fractional HP Motors, are the workhorse of the HVAC market, including IAQ applications.
• PTech offers Castings for a wide range of applications-from gear motors to dental chairs.
• PTech supplies electronics and components to Fortune 500 OEM’s.

For more information, call Customer Service at 262-725-6856 or email: info@
1632 Hobbs Drive, Delavan, WI 53115